“Be BOLD, or Italic never regular”


Lisa Ottevanger | Graphic artist based in Amsterdam. Committed to creating the best graphic artwork imaginable. Graphic Design - Art direction - Brand Identity - Logo Design - Web Design - Graphic Art - Illustration - Fashion 

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lisa ottevanger Dutch in Style


Lisa Ottevanger is a Graphic Artist based in Amsterdam that delivers smart Graphic Art and Design Adventures for brands, business and organisations in the fields of Art, Graphic design, Fashion and Creative education.

Lisa has developed a unique understanding of visual communication and identity through the years. She has been experimenting and practising for a while to better understand the power of design. In her point of view design has just 2 simple principles that brings responsibilities. 

1. Communication. 2. The power to shape life. With these two principles in her backpack she intends to deliver attractive and inspiring co-creative projects, design striking brand identities, graphic design + creating custom made graphic art.


    • 'I love how you use the style and tradition while making something completely unique and new'.


    • 'Lisa is a creative professional and great to work with. She has a yogic calm and a good listening ear that allows her to grasp the client's needs. Her work is beautiful, smart and inspiringly refined'..

      Joost van Dijk | General Director, Business Yoga Nederland

    • 'If you think your helmet, jacket or a part of your motorcycle is just ordinary instead of outstanding then Lisa is the artist to create the difference'.

      Jurgen van Son | Republic Moto



Brand Gallery Amsterdam
Korte Zoutkeetsgracht, 4
1013MC, Amsterdam