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Brand Gallery Amsterdam is the identity driven design company that can make small brands look big. Whether you’re a start-up on the verge of something great or a brand looking for a refresh, our skilled logo design and branding capabilities can blow away your new subscribers, new customers, new clients. 



lisa ottevanger Dutch in Style


Graphic Designer

Lisa has a long lasting career as a graphic designer and developed a strong specialization in branding and logo design. She is moved by the transformation from internal identity to external design. In addition to her graphic work, Lisa Launched Brand Gallery Amsterdam in 2019. This multidisciplinary design platform is set up for new collaborations with other creatives.

Pinstripe artist at Dutch on Wheels

Dutch on Wheels is another creative stage for Lisa. As a pinstripe artist she makes hand-painted work for motorcycles and billboards (sign painting). Lisa developed a unique style for customizing motorcycles using traditional pinstripe brushes. This traditional way of painting is only practiced by a few artists worldwide. When customizing motorcycles and related items, Lisa uses her branding skills to capture the personal identity of clients in unique designs.

Free work

Lisa's free work is characterized by her loving attention to detail and a fluid style full of organic patterns and Asian influences.


Lisa was the initiator of STUB001 Art Project Cape Town, is a creative sparring partner for new initiatives and regularly works as a co-creator on various art projects that often pursue a social purpose.



  • Logo design and Brand Identity

    Brand Gallery Amsterdam design and highlight everything from fashion design to Motorcycle Art. And as anyone knows, breadth and variety of Art, design and inspiration can stimulate whole new ways of approaching any problem. 


    Dutch on Wheels is another creative stage for Lisa Ottevanger. As a pinstripe artist she makes hand-painted work for motorcycles and billboards (sign painting). 


    • 'I love how you use the style and tradition while making something completely unique and new'.


    • 'Lisa is a creative professional and great to work with. She has a yogic calm and a good listening ear that allows her to grasp the client's needs. Her work is beautiful, smart and inspiringly refined'..

      Joost van Dijk | General Director, Business Yoga Nederland

    • 'If you think your helmet, jacket or a part of your motorcycle is just ordinary instead of outstanding then Lisa is the artist to create the difference'.

      Jurgen van Son | Republic Moto



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